Day with Dad

Happy Friday! So excited for the weekend to be here. Not really sure why, because I don’t have a 9-5 and Dr. Phil comes on during the week, but maybe I’m just excited to be here another day :) Oh oh oh and also my cousin Paris has her baby shower this weekend! Exciting!

So, today my mom decided to visit her friend in another town about 30 minutes away. My dad’s side of the family happens to live here and I thought it’d be cool to be company for her on the way there + see my dad and give my granny and grandpa their gifts from Guatemala!

When we pulled up, they were outside and quite surprised! My dad tried to be funny, “Who are you?” He was definitely surprised that I was there because usually I call! My mom went to eat with her friend and I hung out with my dad, Tina and a few other folks that came over!

Being with my dad is so freeing. We’ve been through times in our lives that weren’t the greatest, but it doesn’t take away that he is in fact my dad, and I wouldn’t trade him if I could! A few weeks ago he copped a few mopeds and he let me ride his. How fun!

I think I rode a moped once when I was about 15 and really don’t remember it, but this one? Dad’s moped! It was so much more fun! I was nervous, but so excited!

At this point my mom was finished eating, but giving me and my dad some extra time to hang out although she was more than ready to go. I appreciate her selflessness!

Dad asked if I wanted to go see granny and grandpa. Of course! Let’s take the mopeds! Now I will admit, I was a bit scared, because every time I see a moped in the street I want to run them over!!

Dad and Tina hopped on her moped and I hoped on dad’s and off to granny and grandpa’s we went! At one point we raced a little, then I snapped back into reality :)

It was an awesome day with my dad and I cherish these moments! I thank God that my dad is still in my life and can’t wait for the day he walks me down the aisle.. yeah yeah, I’m thinking in the future :)


When we got to granny and grandpa’s house!


Have a wonderful weekend!



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